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Intellectual or developmental disabilities can take their toll on individuals and families alike. People who are affected by these conditions face an uphill battle to reach their hopes and dreams. Families face difficult challenges in providing the ideal support to help their intellectually disabled loved ones live purposeful lives and achieve their aspirations. These are members of the community whom we aim to provide comprehensive and quality support to in every way possible. We aim to help these people achieve optimal functionality in their homes and communities through superior solutions structured according to their needs and goals.

  • Clinically-sound therapeutic interventions that enhance adaptive functioning and quality of life
  • Highly-trained and experienced professionals who implement a personalized and comprehensive approach to delivering quality services and solutions

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Mission & Vision

Eastern Therapeutics’ mission is to provide Community Based Services and treatment that promotes self-determination, empowerment, recovery, resilience, health, and the highest possible level of individual participation so that individuals can fully engage in community activities. ET intends to improve the lives of individuals and families affected by intellectual disabilities, and who may also have psychiatric disabilities by ensuring access to clinically-sound therapeutic interventions that improve adaptive functioning and quality of life.

Eastern Therapeutics has a Vision to fully support those with Intellectual Disabilities so that they can proceed towards social freedom and equality in the communities in which they reside and contribute. We desire to promote joy and happiness in each Individual's own concept of success.

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