For more information, please call: 1-844-GO-EAST-6 (1-844-463-2786)

Respite Services

We recognize and understand the struggle of families affected by intellectual disabilities. We are fully aware of the physical and emotional toll caring for a disabled loved one has on a family caregiver.

At Eastern Therapeutics, we provide quality respite services that help you take a much needed break from caregiving. We believe it is essential and healthy for family members to also focus on their lives, recuperate their strength, and take a vacation. In your absence, we will make sure to continue the type of top notch care and support for your intellectually disabled loved ones.

For more on this particular service, please get in touch with our trusted and accommodating staff today. They’d be happy to answer any and all of your questions regarding our services. You may call 1-844-GO-EAST-6 (1-844-463-2786) or send a message to

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